update in pictures…

it’s been less than a month since i checked in here…but it seems like f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

my days are so full that each day feels like 2 or 3 at least.

below are a ton of pictures taken this last month…

fall colors…honey {yogurt} faces…november birthdays…christmas {yes christmas}…

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this love is stronger…

“Daisy’s Song (This Love is Stronger)”

When that storm comes
Like a hurricane
And the sun seems far away

We will not fear the wind
We will not fear the waves
I can feel your calm within

When this life is shaken
By ragin’ seas
We are not gon’ be afraid

So if ya walk on waves and wind
Then hold my hand and I’ll walk again

This love is stronger than the blood that beats my heart
This love is deeper, than the pain of all these scars
This love goes farther than the hope in answer’s arms
This love is stronger
It’s strong enough for me

You lived our sorrows,
Befriended all our pain
All that we might rise again

You stole my sickness,
Rested in my disease
All that I might rest in thee

And you alone bring healing,
And for you I’ll wait
But we are not gon’ be afraid

We may be crushed but we are not ever forsaken
We may be struck down but we are not ever destroyed
Then when that fire comes to shine through me your glory
We are not gonna be afraid


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in the chaos…in confusion…

in the quiet
in the stillness
i know that You are God
in the secret of Your presence
i know there i am restored
when You call i won’t refuse
each new day again i’ll choose

there is no one else for me
none but Jesus
crucified to set me free
now i live to bring Him praise

in the chaos in confusion
i know You’re sovereign still
in the moment of my weakness
You give me grace to do Your will
when You call i won’t delay
this my song through all my days

all my delight is in You Lord
all of my hope
all of my strength
all my delight is in You Lord
forever more

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it’s that time of year…

one of the biggest changes the past two weeks is that we have a new little man in the house…

he is all boy :)

addy loves him…and honestly we love loving on him.

today we went to the pumpkin patch…i haven’t seen him smile so much in one day <3

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rain <3

so much i should post about…it’s been an eventful last few weeks {feels more like months}.

it rained monday, tuesday & wednesday.

i l-o-v-e-d it.

“i miss you most when it rains…”

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silly little ‘moostache’ girl…

conversation went something like this…

addy: “tookie doh?”

doh: “nope, no tookies…” {aka cookies}

addy: “al-mo doh?”

doh: “nope, no elmo…”

addy: “cooor-er doh?”

doh: “sure, let’s color!”

doh: “addy, you’re not supposed to color on your tummy…you should only ever color on your face!”

it was a fun evening full of “addy, where are your panties?” to which she replied, “i nuh know…”


“why are all the cushions off the couch young lady?” …naturally it was an “uh oh! oh no!”

riiight. complete accident.

we also had ‘miniature-toesie’ pedicures where she insisted on laying down while i trimmed her toenails and painted them purple ♥

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a special day…

congratulations to my beautiful niece emma nichole asnakech klein ♥

this morning her adoption is being finalized!


my special day consists of memory failure…

i didn’t know which flip flop to wear this morning…brown or black? black or brown? why not wear one of each and see which is more comfortable?

apparently their comfort level is similar because i made it all the way to work before i realized i hadn’t chosen one.

i promptly called and yelled at my brother-in-law … “how the heck could you let me leave the house with two different shoes on?!”

naturally it’s all his fault.

i think i am going barefoot today.

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what were they thinking?

so far i’m not digging the new iTunes update…

i haven’t noticed it running slow or anything, but my first problem occurred when i updated and restarted. first thing i noticed…my desktop had reverted to the generic Apple background. not a big deal, but weird right?

i’m not OCD but my second and third issue was simply aesthetics…

iTunes is now my only window that has the buttons displayed vertically.


and this icon just doesn’t look right. it doesn’t “match” all the rest.


other than that…it’s a great day and i can live with funky updates.

on that note, keeping my fingers crossed while my phone is updating!

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fort bragg

this year was the first annual ‘cousins camp’ in fort bragg…

marie & i drove addy up so she could be a part of it!

this was also my ‘family vacation’ for the year ♥

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happy anniversary to…

pops & moo-moo ♥ 35 years!


marie & christian ♥ 3 years!

…we love you guys & did a little photo shoot in your honor…naturally!

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