silly little ‘moostache’ girl…

conversation went something like this…

addy: “tookie doh?”

doh: “nope, no tookies…” {aka cookies}

addy: “al-mo doh?”

doh: “nope, no elmo…”

addy: “cooor-er doh?”

doh: “sure, let’s color!”

doh: “addy, you’re not supposed to color on your tummy…you should only ever color on your face!”

it was a fun evening full of “addy, where are your panties?” to which she replied, “i nuh know…”


“why are all the cushions off the couch young lady?” …naturally it was an “uh oh! oh no!”

riiight. complete accident.

we also had ‘miniature-toesie’ pedicures where she insisted on laying down while i trimmed her toenails and painted them purple ♥

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