a special day…

congratulations to my beautiful niece emma nichole asnakech klein ♥

this morning her adoption is being finalized!


my special day consists of memory failure…

i didn’t know which flip flop to wear this morning…brown or black? black or brown? why not wear one of each and see which is more comfortable?

apparently their comfort level is similar because i made it all the way to work before i realized i hadn’t chosen one.

i promptly called and yelled at my brother-in-law … “how the heck could you let me leave the house with two different shoes on?!”

naturally it’s all his fault.

i think i am going barefoot today.

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  • u2606emily lightyearu2606

    haha you’re funny sarah.ncome hang out with my friends.n2 of them mismatch their flip flops on a daily basis :P

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