:: the TENSION is good ::

We don’t lead from

the safety of the fringe,

We take up residence

in the fray.

Where change is happening,

Where change is necessary.

There we find ourselves

in a unique tug-of-war

between what was,

what is, and what could be.

We are faced with

the reality that we are

the catalyst in the moment.

A tension ensues between

our ambitions and fears.

We are tempted

to bail on our goals

but discover

that under pressure

our vision becomes

remarkably crystallized.

A hundred voices

attempt to sway us

and we find we must

lean into God with

a faith deeper than we

have ever known.

Change happens

in the very place

where many leaders

flinch, fear, and fail.

The tension we resist

is actually by design.

It tests us, it tires us,

It conforms us to His image.

The tension is necessary,

The tension makes us strong,

The tension is good.

Amena Brown :: 2009

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